June 11, 2015, ┴╚ă═┴
6th Pan-Hellenic Scientific Conference

Dietary guidelines for adults in Greece

Suggestions for your nutrition


43rd Annual Pan-Hellenic Medical Congress - Dimitrios Trichopoulos Memorial Symposium.
May 13, 2017

Eating Habits & Child Obesity
October 22, 2016

42nd Annual Pan-Hellenic Medical Congress-Dimitrios Trichopoulos Memorial Symposium
May 14, 2016

European Programme NU-AGE: Nutrition & Third Age
25 April, 2016

Presentation of HYDRIA project, the first Health and Nutrition survey of the Greek population
28 September, 2015

6th Pan-Hellenic Scientific Conference: "Current Trends in the field of Lipids"
11 June, 2015

41st Annual Pan-Hellenic Medical Congress
10 June, 2015

Workshop on World Health Day with the theme "Food Security"
27 April 2015

5th Pan-Hellenic Congress of Public Health and Social Medicine Forum
21 November 2014

12th National Congress on Nutrition and Dietetics
5 - 8 December 2013

Presentation of Dr. E. Valanou of the HYDRIA project in the 5th Conference of the Greek Forum of Lipid Science and Technology
29 March, 2013


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