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6th Pan-Hellenic Scientific Conference

Dietary guidelines for adults in Greece

Suggestions for your nutrition


5th Pan-Hellenic Congress of Public Health and Social Medicine Forum

Thessaloniki, Greece

21 November, 2014

Event description:
The 5th Pan-Hellenic Congress of Public Health and Social Medicine Forum took place from November 21 to November 23, 2014. A Round Table was held in the context of the Congress, entitled " HYDRIA National Study- Preliminary Results".

The HHF participated in the Congress. Dr. F. Orfanos was the Coordinator and D. Kapothanasi, E. Klinaki, A. Naska presented the following topics: "Study design and data collection methodology", "Preliminary results of health indicators in the adult population of Greece" and "Dietary habits of the adult population in Greece: Preliminary results".".

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