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Presentation of Dr. E. Valanou of the HYDRIA project in the 5th Conference of the Greek Forum of Lipid Science and Technology.

Athens, Greece

29 March, 2013

Event description:
The 5th National Conference of the Greek Lipid forum was held on Mars 29th, 2013 in the premises of Charokopio University. The scope of the conference was the furthering of lipid science and technology, and the cooperation and exchange of ideas between scientists. In the context of this forum E. Valanou gave a presentation entitled: ''Methodology of the Greek National Health and Nutrition Survey (Project-HYDRIA)''. The HYDRIA project is founded by the European Social Fund as well as, other national resources. The objective of this oral presentation was to present the first national survey on health, performed on a representative sample of the Greek resident population. The project HYDIA, aims to collect highly standardized and comparable to those of other European countries data, on health status, dietary and lifestyle choices of population of Greece.




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