June 11, 2015, ΑΘΗΝΑ
6th Pan-Hellenic Scientific Conference

Dietary guidelines for adults in Greece

Suggestions for your nutrition


Have you been invited to participate in the HYDRIA study?

The HYDRIA study is based on the voluntary participation of individuals who have been selected randomly from the total Greek population. The data collected will be used in order to validly assess the health status, diet and  lifestyle of  the residents of Greece. The results of the study will contribute to a better planning and evaluation of policies for the protection and promotion of public health.

If you are invited to participate in the study, you simply have to present at the preselected venues  near your residence (e.g. local Health Centre) at a date and time of your convenience. For further details about the appointment and all other information regarding your participation, the study collaborators will inform you by phone .

How is the selection process  implemented?

Individuals who participate in the study are randomly selected on the basis of the 2011 census population data. The selection method aims at the enrolment of a population sample representative of the residents of Greece. More than 4.000 adults, men and women, permanent residents of Greece, are included in the study.

Why participate?

Your attendance is valuable. By contributing a little of your time, you can assist to a better understanding  of the health needs of our population.

There are benefits for every individual who has been invited and takes part in the project, because he/she: 

receives  dietary and prevention advice.

receives results of laboratory tests (blood glucose,total and HDL cholesterol,uric acid,creatinine,calcium,albumin and transaminases) free of charge.

More importantly, the population as a whole  benefits because:

The study results will help the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and its collaborating institutions in the planning and implementation of more effective policies for the protection and promotion of public health.

For any queries regarding your participation in the HYDRIA study, click here or contact the Hellenic Health Foundation, tel.: 210 7770697.


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