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Dietary guidelines for adults in Greece

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What is the HYDRIA study?

The HYDRIA study is the Greek national diet and health survey which applies standardized methodology to assess the health and nutritional status of the population in Greece.

It aims to collect data from a representative population sample of Greece. The data will be collected via questionnaires and examinations and will cover various socio-economic variables and health indicators, as well as dietary, anthropometric (weight, height) and biochemical variables (e.g. blood glucose, total and HDL cholesterol).

The information collected will enrich the Hellenic Health Map with representative updated data on the health of Greek residents, such as data on diet, physical activity, obesity, hypertension or smoking. The information collected will help the Ministry of Health and other health authorities to implement targeted and effective policies for the improvement of public health.

Who can participate in the HYDRIA study?

A randomly selected sample, representative of the adult Greek population on the basis of the 2011 census, will participate in the study. This will consist of at least 4000 adult residents of the thirteen prefectures of the country.

Study collaborators will contact the selected individuals requesting their participation.

How will my personal data and privacy be protected?

The methodology of the study is in accordance with the relevant Greek legislation regarding confidentiality and informed consent. The data collected are coded so as not to allow any bridge of confidentiality. Data collection for Hydria by the Hellenic Health Foundation has been approved by the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.

How will I benefit from my participation in the study?

There are benefits for every individual who has been invited and takes part in the study, because he/she:

• receives dietary and prevention advice.
• receives results of laboratory tests (blood glucose, total and HDL cholesterol, uric acid, creatinine, calcium,albumin and transaminases ) free of charge. More importantly, the population as a whole benefits because:
• The results of the study will help the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and its collaborating institutions in the planning and impementationimplementation of more effective policies for the protection and promotion of public health.

What do I need to do in order to participate in HYDRIA?

If you agree to participate in Hydria, you will have to appear in a selected venue near your residence (e.g. local Health Centre), at a date and time that is convenient to you (morning or evening hours, working days or weekends). Your appointment will be arranged during your telephone contact with the collaborators of the HYDRIA study.

In special cases, for example if you wish to participate in the survey but you have mobility problems due to health reasons, a mobile unit can visit you at home.

It is necessary to have an official document that certifies your identity. (eg. ID card or driving license). You will also be requested to bring with you any medication you are taking (including nutrition supplements).

The whole process lasts roughly one hour and a half. The participation in HYDRIA is free of charge or other obligation.

Your participation in the study is strictly voluntary and presupposes your consent. You can withdraw any time you like, regardless of the reason.

What does data collection involve?

Data collection includes the following:

• Completion of questionnaires with the help of Hellenic Health Foundation staff, in order to record health status, dietary habits and lifestyle.
• Arterial blood pressure and pulse rate measurements.
• Anthropometric variable (e.g. height, weight) measurements.
• Collection of a blood sample for laboratory tests (glucose, total and HDL cholesterol, uric acid, creatinine, albumin, transaminases), the results of which you will receive free of charge. The whole process lasts roughly one hour and a half.

I have a health problem. Can I still participate in HYDRIA?

Certainly. If we were to exclude individuals with health problems, this would provide a false impression about the health status of the Greek population. Your attendance as much as that of every individual who has been invited to participate, is very important.

I have already scheduled an appointment with my treating/family physician.
Should I cancel it, since I will have an appointment with you?

No. Your participation in HYDRIA does not substitute for the examination by your Doctor.

Could someone who hasn't been invited participate in HYDRIA?

Only those who will receive an invitation by the Hellenic Health Foundation can participate in Hydria, in order to ensure that the sample is representative of the population of Greece.

Where can I get more information about HYDRIA?

For further information or clarifications you may need during (or after) the completion of the study, please contact the Hellenic Health Foundation.

Tel: 210 777 0697
Fax: 210 777 0771
Email: info@hhf-greece.gr
Website: www.hhf-greece.gr
Address: Kaisareias 13 & Alexandroupoleos GR-115 27, Athens, Greece


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